About us

“Amazing Olive Products” is a Greek company located in Crete, Greece. Our company is dedicated in producing superior quality products for an elite market. Our mission is to continuously provide products which have something special to deliver such as their taste, their aroma and their unique nutritional ingredients.

With Oliama organic extra virgin olive oil, we want to let people around globe know what we mean when we say that Greece is the land of the best premium olive oil in the world.

Oliama organic extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil elevated to the maximum quality in every sense. It is an authentic gourmet experience for the most discerning of palates.

The olive trees, many of them up to 100 years old, are given the microclimate they need to give us the best wrist. We use no chemicals on the land so the soil can retain its richness and purity. The production process meets all the required specifications by certification and supervision organizations.

Knowing that success is in the details, “Amazing Olive Products” maintains control over the entire production process, from field to consumer, and combines craftsmanship, tradition and state-of-the-art science to produce a truly premium product.